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FACTS was awarded a grant from the NoVO Foundation for its social and emotional learning (SEL) project "Many Ways of Knowing: Mindfulness Practices from our Own and Other Cultures." FACTS…

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This Land Is Your Land

a slide show movie combining a Pete Seeger recording with Kathy Jokobsen's beautifully illustrated book.

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Ritual Calendar7S FARProj Present 061318

7th grader Magdelena presents the findings of her folk arts research project about FACTS ritual calendar She describes various ritual calendar events, shares quotes from her interview of T. Lei and…

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T. Hua Hua: Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater

T Hua Hua introduces the folk art form of Chinese shadow puppet theater. When FACTS students study this folk art, they learn about culture and how to express themselves creatively..

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FACTS parent meeting 7-20-20 English

FACTS Parents: watch this recording of our July 20 meeting about FACTS reopening and health and safety plans

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No one is an Island: A Liberian fable

T. Gbahtuo tells a Liberian fable that provides hope in collective action as a strategy for social change in troubling times. His wife, Zaye Tete, accompanies T. Gbahtuo in singing a story song that…

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T. Sheena: Yoga

T. Sheena introduces yoga, which helps us get in touch with our own bodies, our breath, and with the natural world.

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