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RW Unit 4 Session 13 Discovering the Lessons Familiar Stories Teach

Readers Workshop Students will learn how to recognize the life lessons in their stories

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Red- Zones of Regulation

How are you feeling today? Let me know what you do to help you when you’re feeling angry.

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Zones of Regulation- Green

Green is the happy zone, are you happy today? Tell me how are you’re feeling. If you’re not happy it’s ok, what could you do to get to help you feel better?

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Blue- Zones of Regulations

How are you feeling today? Let me know. If you’re blue it’s ok.

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3-23-20 Grade 10

Grade 10 Weekly News for 3/23/20

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Amber Brown Ch. 2 - Friday, March 20, 2020

Creative Challenge for today's read- Research a place you would want to visit and journal about it. You could also write a letter to a friend that you may be missing or who has moved away.

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