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How to Download Videos from SchoolTube

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Wochit Publishing and Re-Editing Process

Learn how to publish videos from Wochit into SchoolTube and re-open and edit videos in Wochit.

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6.Create object list in Game Manager

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Lab 4

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Unit Introduction

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Unit 2 Lab Lesson Recap

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Lab 2 - New Project with Primitives

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Most skips by a robot in one minute

The most skips by a robot in one minute is 106. Use to discuss robot design and programming. But could also be used to discuss the importance of the outward design of the robot, in addition…

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Link a YouTube Video to Your SchoolTube Account

Learn how to share a video on YouTube through SchoolTube. Note: This process only supports videos shared publicly on YouTube. If your school network blocks YouTube, this process may also be blocked.

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