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Coach was moving #shorts

See how this football coach reacts to a post game prank from his team. (Via jyoung_53) #football #highschool #highschoolfootball #sports #funny #icecold #icebath #moments #topplay #top10

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What do you think of these moments in K12 basketball? SPECIAL THANKS: Elite Mixtapes Uncle Drew Productions AW Productions Follow Us On Social Media! Twitter:…

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Crazy Substitute Teachers

Check out this funny animation from Jaiden Animations about substitute teachers. lemon guy will be forever in our hearts. Thanks to Lixian for the old teacher voice!…

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Things My Students Do That I Just Don’t Get pt. 60 #shorts

Check out this relatable short about the funny things kids say in the classroom. Thank you so much for watching! 🐭💜 Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss out…

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Angry K


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Ultimate Lab Safety

funny lab safety

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How Administrators in High School be🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

We all know an administrator like this! Enjoy this satirical look at high school administrators and have a good laugh.

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VikingVisionNews 6-13-2022 #662 Final 2021-2022 Show

It's the final Viking Vision Newscast of the 2021-2022 School Year, as our six wonderful Class of 2022 Seniors, Katie, Grace, Kaylee, Lily, Julianna, and Sara take charge at the anchor desk with…

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Class Cemistry (FAIL!)

i made my class fail!

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Nintendo Live: Other

hello today we talk about other websites and apps ex: Audible i hope you like this episode!

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Step Brothers - WSCN Short Film (Sem 2, 2022)

Did Johnny and Anthony just become best friends?

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"Step Brothers" - A WSCN Short Film

Two new step-siblings try to make it work under the same roof.

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Playing Super mario Bros on the WEB!

You can play know att Make sure to subscribe

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Bedwars Gameplay I WON! || MineCraft Bedwars

Hey guys in today's video I will be playing Minecraft BedWars I won this is my 13 win in Bedwars CAN YOU BELIVE IT! Make sure to Like and Subscribe.

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playing scp 3008 for a hour ( not scarry :3 )

scary funny

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