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Teapot Exhibit at Ladue High School's Art Gallery

Junior Jack Reeves produced this fantastic interview with the Ladue Ceramic’s teacher, Jonathan Robbins. Mr. Robbins spoke about a unique Ladue Art Gallery teapot project, which invited schools…

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S4_M1_1 Exploring the Application Gallery

This video introduces the learner to the features and function of the GG4L Application Gallery

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S1_M3_10 Securing Data with PII Shield

This video describes how the GG4L School Passport PII Shield protects sensitive data.

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S1_M3_9 Using the Applicaton Gallery

This video shows how to search and activate applications from the GG4L Application Gallery into School Passport Connect and AppStore components.

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How to Publish Videos to Private School Gallery

Learn how to publish a video to your school's private video gallery. Note: Viewers must have an account under the school in order to access and view videos in the private gallery.

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Keith Haring The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

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Using the application gallery

This video shows the School Passport administrator how to select and deploy applications for Roster Data Integration (Connect) and/or Single Sign On (AppStore) within the GG4L Application Gallery.

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Securing Data with PII Shield

This video provides the School Passport administrator with an overview as to how Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be shielded from within the School Passport Connect console.

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Get to the Point Georges Seurat and Pointillism- Part 2

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shooting gallery

this is my shooting gallery project i did for broadcast tech enjoy

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Shooting Gallery Editing

In broadcast tech one of the projects we do is shooting all sorts of shots that are found in movies. Or the shooting gallery project. In this project we had to record the 18 shots that are commonly…

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Shooting Gallery

For this assignment i was required to record 19 different video shots, and then Edit 10 together.

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The Shooting Gallery

A project where we took 19 unique shots and compiled 10 of them into a video.

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The Shooting Gallery

In this assignment, we were giving 19 different shots that we were supposed to record and edit. For the final project, we got to choose ten of the nineteen shots we filmed and put them together and…

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Parent Pick-Up Procedure 3.15

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Shooting Gallery

This project is called Shooting Gallery. We had a total of 19 different shots we had to film. Out of those 19 shots we got we had to pick 10 and edit and put into imovie.

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