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SchoolTube’s 5 Facts About Video Games

July 8th is National Video Games Day. Check out SchoolTube's video to learn more about the electronic goodness and visit this website to learn even more:…

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WSCN - Monday, March 15th, 2021

The Daily Show for Monday, March 15th. Zach plays some game--I don't know what it is. But he's like cutting up blocks and stuff with Posty. I'm betting it's on PS4.

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Class of 2021- PreK Reindeer games

Class of 2021- PreK Reindeer games

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WSCN Friday 120420

The Daily Show for Friday, December 4th, 2020. Features several suggestions for shows, games, and music over the weekend!

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5 Shot Sequence

I filmed my brother playing Fortnite in five different shots.

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Bebê Tubarão versão Dance | Halloween | Fantasias de Halloween

nossa música favorita:…

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1, 2, 3, Break it Down Clapping Game

This was another clapping game we used to reinforce rhythm. My brothers originally learned it from a Boy Scout Camp.

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Tic-tac-toe Hand Clap | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

Grab a friend and learn this fun Tic-tac-toe hand clap! Once you've mastered the beats, learn the song and sing along! How fast can you go? Executive Producer: Danielle Steinberg Meet Mya!…

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How to play the Double double clapping game

Clapping games are a great way to improve motor skills and language development. Double double is a fun quick clapping game you can teach your kids. Double (front) double (front) This (back)…

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Four white horses - advanced

The most difficult version of this game song. This group did so well!. We are still working on the words!

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Clapping Game - Four White Horses

A teaching process for learning Four White Horses. My students are just wonderful!

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Movement Game: My Name is Joe

Hi! My name is Joe. I have a wife and two kids and I work in a button factory. One day, my boss came up to me and said: "Joe! Are you busy?" I said "No!" "Push this…

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Making a Yarn Web

A yarn web is fun to build, fun to play with, and fun to get stuck in! Get the quick instructions from the first portion of this video, or stay tuned to see a demonstration. A description of yarn…

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