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Floral Design

Floral Design

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Life Inside the Projects

Watch this reminder of what life might be like for some of your students. A single mother of four describes what it's like to raise a family in Potomac Gardens, a massive 1960s-era public…

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AVID Class of 2022

Bell Gardens High School Class of 2022 Students reflect upon their growth in the AVID program at Bell Gardens High School.

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CSF Seal Bearers 2021 - Bell Gardens High School

Congratulations to CSF Seal Bearers Class of 2021!

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CSF Seal Bearers 2022 - Bell Gardens High School

Congratulations to CSF Seal Bearers Class of 2022!

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gtt report

term 2 report

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4.25.22 Announcements


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Cacti | Fun Facts About Cacti | Botany | The Good and the Beautiful

Why do cacti have spines? Do cacti have flowers? Where do cacti grow and thrive? Let’s learn all about one of the most unique types of plants in the word: the cactus! We’ll discuss…

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MVTV 15 march 2022

we had fun today

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katie rooney garden1

tech and Imaginarios they need to design a garden for Mrs Rooney

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Saints @ 8 - March 3, 2022

Saints @ 8 - March 3, 2022

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Largest reptile zoo. Guinness World Records

The world's largest reptile zoo is Reptile Gardens, just outside Rapid City in South Dakota, USA. As of January 2013, it houses more than 225 different reptilian species and subspecies, which is…

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Slowest chelonian - 15-11-2014 Guinness World Records

In a 'speed' test carried out in the Seychelles a male giant tortoise (<em>Geochelone gigantea</em>) could only cover 4.57 m (14 ft 11 in) in 43.5 sec (0.37 km/h / 0.23 mph),…

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Slimmest lizard - 15-11-2014 Guinness World Records

The world’s slimmest lizard is the Australian legless snake lizard (Lialis burtoni), which can measure more than 50 cm (20 in) long, but at its mid-body is no thicker than a pencil.

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Most venomous snake - 23_11_2014 Guinness World Records

Australia's most venomous snake is the Australian taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus), the largest member of the cobra family in Australia. Reaching 3.3 m (nearly 11 ft) in length, it is found in…

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Most dangerous lizard - 15-11-2014. Guiness World Records

The Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) is a large, up to 60 centimeters (24 inches), heavy-built, brightly colored lizard that lives in the arid parts of Mexico and the south-western USA. They have…

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