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ERHS Morning Announcements 12-9-22

school news

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What Happened at the Seneca Falls Convention? | History

Learn about the movement for women's equality that precipitated the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, and what its attendees - including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott - hoped to…

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We Three Kings (Christmas Lyric Video)

STREAM THE ALBUM: Chord Chart and more worship resources for We Three Kings: Modern arrangement…

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Venerable Fr. Augustus Tolton


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Unit 29 Spelling Test

spelling test

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Unit 29 Review


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gtt visit bex ang 18 march.mp4

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vocabulary and Genre

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LSA Back to School Night 2020 Walkthrough

LSA Back to School - A Walkthrough Orientation

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His Story Part 4

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MES Val & Sal FUN VIDEO 2020 #ccsdovercomescovid19

MES Val & Sal FUN VIDEO 2020 #ccsdovercomescovid19

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Broadcast COVID-19 Video

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Materials List Video

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Kingdom Builders | Episode 16: Frenemy Feast | Cartoon Webisode for Kids

King Hex and the Builders of Buildera have invited the Bashers to the annual Frenemy Feast at Hex Castle. It’s a time for friends and enemies to put aside their bashing and building, building…

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The Gathering Blue

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