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CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Demonstration on a School Bus

Pre-Trip inspection demonstrated on a school bus. This is how you should perform your pre-trip inspection on the CDL road test. This would be after you perform the light check with the examiner. …

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Loser Waking up To Find Super Power Gadgets Attached to His Body

This Is a Story Recap for A comedy Movie Called inspector gadget Year of Release: Production companies: Watch the full movie here: Thank you for watching. Note" Cinema Recap makes…

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Try Not To Laugh - Sports Fails Is Always Epic | LIFE AWESOME

▽ Name: Sports is always a great time, but when you add a few epic fails or hilarious moments to the mix? You've got yourself some golden entertainment! Check out these awesome moments that are…

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HKTV 70 - Week 10

HKTV 70 - Week 10

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Bill Nye the Science Guy: Phases of Matter

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Phases of Matter [S01E08]

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SJHS News 10.5.21

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SJHS News 10.5.21

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RAIN with Mr. Sean, Fernbank Science Center Meteorologist

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Weather Instruments - Mr. Sean, Fernbank Science Center Meteorologist, Atlanta, GA

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Sydney Sterling Speech 3

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Shout outs

Shout out to Julie Bartolo, Elizabeth Herrera, Lesley Mendoza, Abigail Gonzalez, Angel Ruiz, Kaitlyn Vasques. Great job everybody!!

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News 11.5.20 2

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Science Lesson: Weather Forecasting

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Bill Nye - Phases of Matter

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Phases of Matter Solids, Liquids, Gases

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Wire materials_ distribution_ and clean up

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