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Brains vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24

This playlist consists of 40 videos all about Psychology. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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Population Genetics: When Darwin Met Mendel - Crash Course Biology #18

In this episode, students will learn about population genetics, specifically exploring the principles of Mendel and Darwin and the Hardy-Weinberg equation. Join Hank Green from Crash Course and…

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Mega Genetics Review

For more info, check out: Ready to review how to do different types of Mendelian and Non-Mendelian Punnett square problems with The Amoeba Sisters? This…

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MEC Welcome - Henson

Ms. Henson

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Alayna McGrede Speech 1 2022

Hallsville High School

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Genetics 101 | National Geographic

What is a genome, and how are traits passed from generation to generation? Learn how pea plants helped launch the study of genetics and how the field of genetics research has evolved over time. ➡…

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Genetics Assessment

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Pedigree Warm up Description

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Stats - Chi Square Test

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers a 15 min explainer video on descriptive statistics and the chi square test.

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Mendelian Genetics Day 1

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Molecular Genetics Note Quiz help

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The Eyes of Nye S01 E08 Race

The Eyes of Nye was a science program airing on public television in the United States in 2005 and featuring Bill Nye. The show was more sophisticated than its predecessor Bill Nye the Science Guy,…

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Making Sense of Our Genes: A BIG conversation with Aarin A Williams & Dr. Loydie A. Jerome-Majewska

Aarin A Williams, MS, LCGC Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor MS Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling, Stanford University. BS Biology, Howard University. Aarin currently practices prenatal,…

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Welcome to 7th grade


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Cell Biology | Introduction to cell | Cells Structure | Biology | Science | Letstute

Hello Friends, Checkout our Video on Cell Biology | Introduction to cell | Cells Structure In this online video lecture and tutorial on Cell Biology we will learn about cells and its shape,…

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Genetics reading

Audio reading for the homework - Genetics

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