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The Canterbury Tales | Author Biography | Geoffrey Chaucer

This video study guide playlist contains 34 videos that include a summary and analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer’s epic poem, The Canterbury Tales. Each video breaks down a digestible piece of the…

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The Future of Music

With the power of new AI technologies, the whole industry of music could change.

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Library open house for parents

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Instructions on Portrait of a Graduate Student Self-Reflection.webm

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Grades 6-8 - Lesson #4

This is Lesson #4 for FACTS students grades 6-8 and Stars. We play a quick Fact or Fiction Music Trivia Game and then learn about Reggaeton as a genre of Latin American music. We focus specifically…

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Monday (May 18) Bible

Introductory Story to Genres in the Bible

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Brief History of Rock

The video is a brief introduction to the history of Rock and Roll. It contains film footage of famous, historical artists.

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Bobcat Morning Show 3/11/20

News and Anoucments

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