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Pitch Video

video for hand sanitizer

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Scaredy Squirrel

Here's why Mrs. Yurko's class loves Scaredy Squirrel!

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MVTV 03 march 2022

Our first show for march - 7 crew today the rest are home isolating

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SMS: Saggy Mask Syndrome and How to Treat it!

Do you or a friend suffer from Saggy Mask Syndrome?! Watch this video and change your life!

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Animated Hero Classics - Louis Pasteur

Learn about Louis Pasteur in this program. With conviction, this great French scientist discovered the cure for deadly diseases after the deaths of his beloved daughters.

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Magic School Bus - Inside Ralphie


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Life in the Middle Ages - The Doctor

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Clip of Nov. 17 and 18th ELA Lesson

Our ELA lesson for today

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Masks hands.mp4

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Sick Simon

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Music (Week of 9.14.20)

Sept. 14-18 Pre-K, K and Primary Montessori Music Lesson. Music Has A Beat!

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Hand Washing

Showing how long to wash hands.

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Germ Experiment

A visual for the benefits of soap

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Germs make me sick Read Aloud

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iReady Lesson RL1.3: At the Apollo Slashdown

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