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Circulatory & Respiratory Systems - CrashCourse Biology #27

In this episode, students will learn more about organ systems focusing on the circulatory and respiratory systems and their role in delivering oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide from cells. …

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How To Draw A Great White Shark

Learn how to draw a realistic great white shark! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Sharpie Markers Printer Paper Prismacolor Pencils…

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Roly Poly Video For Kids | Backyard Adventures

How did the Roly Poly get its name? What do Roly Pollies eat? Are Roly Pollies even insects? In today's episode you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about roly pollies. This video…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning New Broadcast

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Elementary Announcements 12.13.21

Morning News

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TK, Life Science, Lesson 4

What do animals need to live?

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Kindergarten, Life Science, Lesson 3

Comparing goldfish and guppies

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Kindergarten, Life Science, Lesson 2

What do goldfish need to live?

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Kindergarten, Life Science, Lesson 1

The parts of a goldfish.

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When Lunch Fights Back - Chapter 1 - Hagfish

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Swimming with Sharks

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Frogs - Mrs. Brannon

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4.28 Grammar

4th Grade

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Shark Lady Read Aloud

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Truth and Lie Sharks

Read Aloud about Sharks, Interactive

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Read Aloud Freaky Fish (from 3/26)

This is the first in some read-alouds I plan to upload to our class YouTube channel. It is intended to model some reading behaviors students can practice at home in their own independent reading.

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