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The Butter Battle Book.mp4

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Fox in Socks

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Boom Chicka Boom

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Second Grade Dance Lesson week of November 4, 2020

It's a school wide Diwali celebration! We will be traveling to India to celebrate the beautiful Festival of Lights! Let's learn about Diwali, and learn a fun and energetic Bollywood Dance!

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Read Aloud - Alexander

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Lectura - El conejito Knuffle 9/9/20

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Morning Meeting 08/22/20 8:30

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Acompáñame a escribir adivinanzas y descubrir o inferir ¿Quién soy yo?

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2nd Music Lesson May 12

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Ms. Sandy reads Things That Go

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K-2nd Carnival of the Animals: Elephant & Aviary

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05/05/20_Mensaje de la mañana.

Acompáñame a repasar palabras de uso frecuente y como usarlas en una oración.

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QuintasLectura Mama

Lectura Tu mama es una llama?

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Practica de escritura_Viernes_1 de Mayo del 2020

Acompáñame a escribir una experiencia similar al personaje del libro “El pez arcoíris”. Pero antes por favor ver el video con Mrs. Luna en…

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