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Google Classroom Tips and Tricks for Teachers | EDTech Made Easy - GOOGLE CLASSROOM TUTORIAL

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How to Use Google Classroom 2020 - Tutorial for Beginners

This video tutorial will show you how to use Google Classroom for Beginners 2020. Google Classroom for Teachers is a fantastic way to help with remote or online learning. I will also show how Google…

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Share video as a FILE from iMovie to turn in to Google Classroom

Tutorial by Mr. Don Goble for Multimedia Sports Production class at Ladue High School, St. Louis, MO.

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SchoolTube Channels - Public Student Video Portfolio

Ladue Horton Watkins High School Multimedia Teacher Don Goble explains how and why he uses SchoolTube Channels for students to create public Channels as a video portfolio of their work. By having…

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Submit a link to a Google Classroom assignment

Mr. Goble demonstrates how to turn in a LINK to a Google Classroom assignment.

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Google Classroom Work Status

This video explains how students can check for missing assignments and graded work

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Google Classroom Navigation

This video explains how students can access and navigate Google Classroom. This would also be useful for parents

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Bandlab Basic - How to slice and trim audio

This is a video looking at how to slice and trim your audio files in Bandlab. I go through the process of recording some audio and showing you how to slice up the audio file in order to cut out…

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Bandlab Basic - Adding Tracks

This is a very basic overview of how to add different tracks into the Bandlab mixer. Leave a comment if you need help on any other features on this mixer. Also subscribe if you are interested in…

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Quick Flipgrid Tutorial

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How to sign up for my class in google classroom

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How to find and turn in your work.

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Online work--May 18-22

This is what I expect to see when you complete the online work this week. Remember: You need to choose to commit to completing either the online work or the worksheet packet (which includes the…

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Logging into Your Google Classroom

logging into google classroom

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For parents: How to use Google classroom

A quick tour of what your child sees when they log in to complete their classroom tasks, and how they'll navigate the new schedule using links in the tasks.

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Google Classroom Walkthrough

Watch this video to learn the basics of Google Classroom and how to access SchoolTube through Google Classroom.

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