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Habitats for Kids

What are habitats? Kids will learn about the different habitats around the world. Tundra, Grasslands, Forests, and Water habitats are explored. Standards-Based. Supports NGSS. High-quality…

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Advice to Freshman

Intro to Journalism students collect advice for freshmen.

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Ecosystems and Biomes | Kids Learn About Ecosystems and Biomes | Real World Science Videos

For more info, check out: Ecosystems and Biomes for Kids. Students will learn all about ecosystems and biomes throughout the…

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The Grassland Biome - Biomes #5

Grass. If there is one plant that has come to dominate our world, it’s this. Occupying every biome on earth except the icesheets, grasses have colonised every patch of soil, from tropical to…

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The Prairie Dog Life | Destination WILD

Prairie Dogs survive in the Sonaran Desert using a complex vocal language and social cooperation. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Watch all clips from Destination Wild here:…

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Second Grade, Life Science, Lesson 13

The Grassland Habitat

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First Grade, Life Science, Lesson 11

Life in a pond and grassland

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Endangered Animal Snapshot

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Wednesday Habitat

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Preserving Forests and Grasslands

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Grassland ecosystems

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