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Edited Interview (MASTER OF EDITING)

Here is the edited down version of my interview I did for broadcast technology.

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Sports and Homework

This is my six word story I did for my Broadcast Technology class.

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Ryder Thank You Card

This is my thank you card to my teacher who helps me in math. He keeps me motivated to do the work in class and to actually come to class.

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Ryder Photo Gallery Shoot

This is my 10 shot movie I made for my broadcast technology class.

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ryder 5-shot sequence

This video is as the title says, a 5-shot sequence of events. It includes me playing with the studio lights and cameras.

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iAm Ryder

This video is about my life and my activities using iMovie.

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TME News Show - Nov. 8, 2019

The Mane Event - November 8, 2019 Feature Segments Teacher Feature: Mrs. Greene Pumpkinpalooooza!

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A Day at Eastern Greene MS

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Trevor Greene: AP Week

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