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U3.L1 - Revit Setup & Property Lines

Creating property lines on the site plan, grid lines and setbacks

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U3.L2 - Elevations & Foundations

Creating elevation levels following foundation codes

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VIDEO 00 Coordinate Plane and Graphing Points

Graphing Points

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Bats, Bats, Bats

children's song "Bats, Bats, Bats" sung by Rosie Emery featuring a variety of photos of bats

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Check out The 2022 Walden Grove Lip Dub! Praise God - Kanye West, Travis Scott, Baby Keem Praise The Lord - A$AP Rocky We do not own the rights to any of the following music: Everybody Talks -…

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Slope 2

Slope 2

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Dylan Ladue history

A video capturing most of our recent championships

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The Day the Crayons Quit

Here's why 5th DLI loves The Day the Crayons Quit!

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Aura School News - March 18th 2022

Aura School News - March 18th 2022

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Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Ink (Dance-A-Long)

We're going on tour! Live show tickets at Ink (Dance-A-Long) video from our new album "Slow Clap". Available everywhere you stream music:…

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Grade 3 Module 4 Lesson 8 Concept Development

Eureka Math - Grade 3 Module 4 Lesson 8 Concept Development

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ERHS Morning Announcements 12-2-21

school news

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La Sierra Academy KnighTV News and Announcements

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6th Grade Math Benchmark Fractions

Learn to quickly transform the benchmark quantities of 0.01, 0.1, 0.25, and 0.333 into fractions and percents and show them on number lines and hundredth grids. Examples and multiple representations…

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5th Grade Math Graphing on a Coordinate Plane

Learn how to graph ordered pairs on a coordinate plane using the x-axis and y-axis. A demonstration and a practice sample are included in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources…

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