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Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke

James and Katy Perry set off in the carpool lane, singing some of Katy's classics and new music, and James asks Katy about taking the beef with Taylor Swift off the grill. "Subscribe To…

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Changes Rap

This fun song and animation, from the Science4Us K2 Matter unit, highlights a number of physical changes and chemical changes that occur on a family trip to the beach. The kids will love to sing…

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Fuel for Africa: Providing Clean Cooking for the People of Mozambique

Each year, millions of deaths are attributed to diseases caused by indoor air pollution. Families are forced to cook indoors with inefficient fuels that cause them to inhale particulate matter. A…

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Video Recording - Tue Feb 23 2021 07:41:38 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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Jillian Parry Speech 1

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For example video

for example video

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Fri 5.8 Reading Lesson (Blends)

See how many epic books first graders have read, and review R blends. When you’re done, go to part two - Reading Adventure!

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Problem of the Day 5_1

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Rose Parade EHS Genghis Grill

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Road Kill Grill Presentation

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