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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - April 29, 2022

May Character word: cooperation Seagulls Weather with Max Tribute to teachers Fletcher and how to create wrist bands/bracelets Mrs. Kent announces GT students River of Words Project students Book…

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S4_M1_1 Exploring the Application Gallery

This video introduces the learner to the features and function of the GG4L Application Gallery

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S1_M3_9 Using the Applicaton Gallery

This video shows how to search and activate applications from the GG4L Application Gallery into School Passport Connect and AppStore components.

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Using the application gallery

This video shows the School Passport administrator how to select and deploy applications for Roster Data Integration (Connect) and/or Single Sign On (AppStore) within the GG4L Application Gallery.

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Video Recording - Mon May 24 2021 18:50:23 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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Administering GG4L ID Cards

This video explains how the GG4L School Passport administrator will administer GG4L ID card processing in different schools within his organization

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Producing and Processing Student ID Cards

This lesson helps teachers understand how to produce an process QR code enabled GG4L ID cards for students in their classes.

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Come Holy Ghost

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Practice Zoom Aug 24

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teddybear y2 2020

Full on 7 minutes - unedited but good !

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QSI AIS Tuesday, June 2

QSI AIS Tuesday, June 2 distance learning QSI AIS 2020-2021 Intention Form End-of-the-Year Challenge elementary Virtual Recess Mystery Mosaic picture 2020-2021 SAT registration

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Example of BrainPOP Museum

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You Are My Flower- Turn! Turn! Turn! (1965) Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell (2013)

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How To Draw An Owl

Owl has always been a mysterious bird for children as well as adults. It is a nocturnal (active at night time ) bird and preys on small creatures like small mouse etc. It's feathers are adapted…

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Make-A-Wish BB

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Food Bank GG

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