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SJHS News 4.28.22-1


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HAI & KU - What is a Haiku? #haiku #HAIandKU

For more info, check out: #haiku #livecartoons #cartoons Hai & Ku learn how to write Haiku Poems! A haiku is a specific type of…

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WCMS Bball

WCMS Bball

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Landfill Harmonic - the Recycled Orchestra

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DL Week 9 Presidential Graphs

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DL Week 9 Presidential Graphs

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Razor knife and hot glue safety

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How to Finish your Homework Faster? | Exam Tips | LetsTute

Hello guys, Here is our latest video on "How to Finish Your Homework Faster?" | Tips on doing Homework Faster by LetsTute Remember to leave a like on this video and subscribe if you…

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9 Best Scientific Study Tips | Exam Study Tips for Students | Letstute

Hey Guys, Check out our Newest Session on "9 Best Scientific Study Tips"useful Exam Tips for Students by Letstute. In this video, the 9 important study Tips/ Exam Tips that are…

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Story: Me and My Mom!

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Half Day Word Work/Writing

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The Music Show Episode #1- The Beat Is the Heart of Music

Music Express Steady Beat

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Les Wonder Choux sauvent le caméléon / Les Wonder Choux sauvent l'ornithorynque

Les Wonder Choux doivent sauver un caméléon des griffes d'un coucou épervier affamé. / Les Wonder Choux partent sauver un ornithorynque qui s’affole. Il est…

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9 Smart tips of doing homework

- Highlights the advantages of doing homework. 1) Be prepared 2) Allot specific time 3) Make a to-do list 4) Do it in groups 5) Take help 6) Challenge yourself 7) Making notes while doing homework 8)…

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