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Large Motor: Valentine Boom Chicka Boom

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Short E spelling words

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Numbers 1-2 review + song over numbers 1-10

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Pets Writing-8/26

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Reading Thursday, May 14


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6th Grade - April 3 pigeons


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View Submitted Assignments Video

How to view your assignments on Canvas after you have submitted.

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Submitting and Finding Assignments Video

Here is how to find and submit assignments.

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03/18/20 Challenge Response

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6th Grade Lesson One

Han China and the Silk Road

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Johnny Works With One Hammer


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Loudest burp, male

Paul holds the record for the loudest burp. Prompts a discussion about society and manners and when it is appropriate to burp in public.

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Pass Off

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Pass off

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Star Wars, Luke v Han - WSCN Short Film 2015/2016

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Han dynasty song

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