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The Crucible by Arthur Miller | Act 4 Summary & Analysis

This playlist contains 13 video study guides about Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Each video will aid in students’ understanding of the themes and central ideas of the text. These videos…

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IXL Jam Session A1.J.4 Video

IXL Jam Session A1.J.4 Video

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare | Act 3, Scene 5 Summary & Analysis

This video study guide provides 36 videos that break down each act and scene for thorough summary and analysis and also contains additional videos about the context, symbols, characters, themes, and…

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Welcome Back To My Channel

ima be doing mincraft and act alittle bit crazy! :)

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TURNING RED Clip - The Girls Sing "Nobody Like U"! (2022) Pixar

Watch the official "Nobody Like U song" clip from Turning Red! Streaming on Disney+ March 11, 2022. Thirteen year old Mei is experiencing the awkwardness of being a teenager with a twist…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Senior Elliot Wright takes us on a tour of the new BHS building.

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iRam 11.1

This episode features a Jaws parody, and other comedic sketches involving the importance of tucking in chairs, performing innocent dares, and the little known condition of backward-itis. Please…

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Ladue student activist Lauryn Donovan

Senior Lauren Donovan has become a leading activist voice in the Ladue community speaking up for Black Lives Matter. Lauryn reflects on when she realized she needed to use her voice to influence…

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Ch. 10

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Tuck Everlasting ch 14

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Brighton Adventist Academy Math grade 5 lesson 7, 8, 9

This is not a professional video, just helping you out while you are at home.

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Morning Meeting, Tuesday March 31

Today is the last day of March!

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