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Hamlet by William Shakespeare | Act 4, Scene 2 Summary & Analysis

28 video study guides make up this playlist for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These videos break down each scene and act and provide a deep dive into the context, symbols, themes, and more of…

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Peep and the Big Wide World: Hide and Go Peep

Peep and Chirp invent a wonderful new game—and Quack quickly learns that it's not easy being blue! For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with their kids, and…

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Boo who? Read Aloud

Making new friends is hard.

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Hide by juice wrld


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Story Time: Thursday, January 21 - 100 Snowmen

100 Snowmen is a fun book that includes a bit of math. Add up all the snowmen to 100! After you listen to the story, think of something you'd like 100 of and color it in your Writing Notebook.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Chapter 10)

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Chapter 3)

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11.2.20 Announcements

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Reading - Tuesday September 1 - 5th Grade

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Story: The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything!

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My Baby Box- Letter X Story

Join Dana and Mary for Letter X Story time

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Composers’ Corner Week 4: Haydn

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Monday- May 4th 2020, 10:10:12 pm

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April 8th, 2020

American Bison!

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Whangdoodle Chapter 5

Lindy meets the Splintercat.

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Read Aloud: Little Lamb by Piers Harper

Read Aloud the story Little Lamb by Piers Harper.

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