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September 10, 2021 Morning Announcements

Mr. Martinez and fourth-grade student, Sadie, co-host the Morning Announcements. Sadie shares some of her highlights of the new school year. Mr. Martinez explains that his highlights this year have…

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Multi-Media Sports Recap

Video made for Multi-Media sports. This is our last project of the year. Sadly I have to say goodbye to this class.

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Top 3 Video

A short one minute video that talks about the class itself and how to create a good video.

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10. Walsh HS Newz 27 Broadcast (4-29-21)

Anchors: Jaden C & Lindsey H (Prom, 3rd Wax Museum, 2nd Flat Stanley's, Science Fun, Weather by Jaron, HSVB)

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Football Highlight Video

For this video, I did a highlight video between Ladue and Westminister. I decided to choose the best offensive and defensive plays from the game and put them into this video.

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WUM S2 Ep4 final

Some key bullets: Grace on Relationships NHS highlights Athletics BEst Buddies Spilt Ink

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8. Adrian & Mick (3-11-21) Walsh HS

Anchors: Adrian A & Mick H (Pep Rally, Sr Night, Goats, Dr Seuss, 100th Day, March BDs, Weather by Kadence, JHGBB & JHBBB Highlights, HSBBB Highlights

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football highlight video

Westminster vs Ladue highlight reel, filled with tackles, celebrations, and cheering fans.

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Football iMovie Video Highlights

This was a fun and interesting assignment. Ladue won and kept Westminster to 0 points. Ladue won 28-0. The touchdowns being scored by Jared, Mel, and Stewart twice. This assignment was very free…

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Westminister vs Ladue Football Highlight Video

Highlight video of the game between Westminster and Ladue.

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Westminster Ladue Highlights

Ladue Football vs Westminster football highlights

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