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H3 News - Sports Edition

The Lady Celtics won their 3 sets in their first home game of the year against the Christian Eagles in Tuesday’s game. Sophomore Kate Boone, explains how they make practice fun while preparing…

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H3 News - Sport News

H3 News The Lady Celtics will be competing in a two-day tournament in San Marcos, Friday and Saturday - August 20th and 21st. This will be their first tournament of the season. Senior Carolina…

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The Last Supper Holy Tales Bible Stories - Old Testament

The Last Supper - Miracles of Jesus Christ - Holy Tales Bible Stories - Old Testament “And he took bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, ‘This…

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300 days' wages gone in an instant. An enormous amount of money was wasted... or was it?

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There's a lot of swearing going on that Jesus doesn't like. What kind of "swearing" is this? Why is He so upset? Let's take a look and get you ready for your essay...

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Let's learn about the Passion Week that leads up to Resurrection Sunday. Day by day Jesus moved closer toward the cross and ultimately, His resurrection...

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Holy Saturday

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H3News--August 29, 2019. Holy Trinity Catholic HS, Temple, Texas

Our August 29, 2019 broadcast of H3News. H3News is a production of the journalism class at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Temple, Texas.

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Etrog Lulov Sukkot in Texas

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CSW Part of Me

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