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Sofia's Mystery Case Report

Students acted as detectives and wrote an official case report after they solved the mystery from their chosen mystery book.

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Ethan Miller Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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These Rescuers Love Getting Covered In...BEES!

Bees build hives fast! Before you know it — there's a hive under the stairs, in the chimney, or...on the barbecue! Luckily, Jeff and Julie love bees, and love bringing them to wide-open…

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Civil Rights and Asian Americans | American Government

This playlist contains 37 videos all under 10 minutes to help students understand American Government. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. Course Hero…

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Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration

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What If There Were No Gray Wolves?

What if there were no grey wolves read aloud

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SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 16

SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 16

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Pre-School - Saturday Night Live

Watch this funny SNL sketch from 1986 about one preschool teacher that might be better suited for a different job.

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Flooding In Pakistan, A Newborn Star, And A CNN Hero

Today we're exploring parts of Pakistan that have been devastated by severe monsoon rains, we're taking a look at just released images of newborn stars, and we're meeting a CNN Hero…

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Social Class & Poverty in the US: Crash Course Sociology #24

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about Sociology. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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Big Changes in the Big Forest: Crash Course Kids #38.2

In this video, students will learn about how animals change their environment. This playlist of 22 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about Earth science and the Earth’s natural resources.…

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The Boy Who Grew A Forest

The trees are disappearing from Jadav’s island. What does he decide to do about it? Plant a forest, of course.

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Paths to the Present #45 - Scotland AME Church and Community

December 2005....The Scotland AME Zion Church on Seven Locks Road in Potomac, it's beginnings, how it grew and what it has meant to the community of the same name.

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Mutual Memorial Cemetery in Sandy Spring, Maryland

Mutual Memorial Cemetery was officially established in 1873 as part of the historic Freedman's Village of Sandy Spring, one of the oldest free black communities in Maryland. The Quakers, who…

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JFD_TV 5-6-22

Dobie HS

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BYDC Hereford Insulation

Hereford Insulation

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