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SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 26

SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 26

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Pronghorn - National Park Animals for Kids

Running at speeds of up to 60 mph, the Pronghorn is the fastest animal in the western hemisphere. These nimble creatures have extensions of their skulls that protrude out as horns, which are covered…

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Animal Fact Friday at Wildlife Prairie Park- Elk

Join us every Friday on Facebook for even more interesting animal facts!

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Joshua 6 - The Destruction of Jericho

Joshua 6

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Elementary Announcements 1.3.22

Morning News

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iRam 11.9

This iRam episode celebrates the new James Bond film release with a Bond parody, followed by skits about Podcast Auditions, opinions of the holidays, and then honors the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday…

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Morning Announcements November 2

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First Grade, Life Science, Lesson 13

I Wish that I had Duck Feet.

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White Rhino Crisis Henry Jackson

This is a documentary about the devastating poaching crisis in Africa.

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Video Recording - Fri Mar 05 2021 16:41:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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1/20 Class Session

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owl drawing

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Reading lesson 12-21-2020

Mr. Brenny Kindergarten reading lesson 12-21-2020

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12/8 Class Session

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JFD_TV 10-16-20

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