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Jeremy and Allen, two door-to-door salesmen, are having trouble selling products to customers. So, Jeremy turns to other money-making options.

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Amelia G Six Word Story

I made chose and then filmed a six word story for my broadcast technology class. We were instructed to choose/create a story using only six words then film it in only six shots.

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Ladue Vs. Parkway North Football 2022

This is a project profiling the Ladue Varsity football team vs. Parkway North. Ladue won 56-28.

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Ladue Varsity Football Season Highlights 2022

This video presents the Ladue High School varsity football season highlights from 2022.

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Nate Obertino Personal Profile

This is a video I had to make for my multi media sports 1 class. We took shots of ourselves in wide, medium, and close up shots. We then edited the shots, added a background, and added music.

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Ladue Football Highlights Harper

This a highlight video of the Ladue Varsity Football team throughout multiple games.

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Chase Allen Highlight Video

All of Ladue High Schools' Chase Allen football highlights.

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Ladue vs Parkway North football 2022

This is a highlight video that profiles the Ladue Varsity football vs Parkway North.

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Ladue vs. Parkway North Football 2022

This video is a highlight video about the Ladue Varsity football team playing against Parkway North. Ladue won 56-28.

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Jax Bespalko Personal Profile Video

This is a personal profile video done in order to learn how to properly make senior profiles using 3 different types of shots: wide, medium, and close.

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Ladue Middle School/Ladue Horton Watkins High School: Safety and Security instructional video

Ladue School District Safety and Security Coordinator, Matt Hill, discusses 4E Intruder Training for middle school and high school educators and students.

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Liam Reeves- 5-Shot sequence

I made a video using Final Cut Pro displaying an example of a 5-Shot Sequence that I filmed for an a Broadcast Technology assignment.

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5 Shot Sequence

This video is about a Serial killer being locked up. This was filmed near the band room. We filmed this for our 5 shot sequence assignment using the camera angles listed.

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Amelia G 5 Shot Sequence

I made a 5 shot sequence for my Broadcast Technology class. We were instructed to film one action in 5 different ways.

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Gramm 5-Shot Sequence

In my 5-Shot Sequence, I filmed five different camera shots and edited them in Final Cut Pro to create a short video for Broadcast Tech I.

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Soccer Slideshow

Here is a soccer slideshow of Ladue vs John Burroughs.

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