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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Words Hurt (a poem by Kaylen)

ASL translation by Pearl F and Jack P

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Fionn O'Keeffe

Hurricane Katrina

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Earth Day second video

BY: Mia Hernandez :)

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Sydney Sterling Speech 3

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How To Make An Easy Valentines Heart Card

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Ng, Celeste - Little Fires Everywhere

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Westover, Tara - Educated

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Native Americans Saw Buffalo as More Than Just Food

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Feelings Choices

Mrs. Zimmer reviews happy, ,sad, angry, disgusted, and scared.

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Handwriting - Monday August 31 - 5th Grade

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In My Heart (08-25-2020)

Hi everybody, this is the book we read today. Hola a todos, esta es la historia que leímos hoy.

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Ralph tells a story

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Play Therapy Activity Explanation Video

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Ellen's 8th grade move up message

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PlayDay 2020 Student Challenge: Word Scramble

How many words can you make using FOLK ARTS CULTURAL TREASURES CHARTER SCHOOL??

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