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I Am Chayse

This I Am video is about me and all the sports I play and love. I used iMovie Trailer to create this project for Broadcast Technology.

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I am Logan

I was asked to create a short video as a way of declaring who I am. What I am passionate about, what I care about, the things that I do for fun. This video is a staple and attempts to describe a…

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Abby s-z i am imovie

First video project of the year, where i took photos from my life and strung them in imovie to give them a story an i am, story while learning basic shot composition.

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I Am Enough

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I Am Sam Simon

I produced an iMovie about the things I like the most and that make me me

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I am Nico

In this video we were asked to find pictures of ourselves that described us. Then we would add a title stating I am and whatever the following pictures showed.

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iAm Avery Trailer

For this project we were told to gather pictures and create a movie about our life. For my video I talked about being an athlete, daughter, and a friend. This project is used to get started on…

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I am Drake Frederic

assignment 2 I am movie trailer about Drake Frederic's life

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i Am Matthew

The video is about me and my family

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I am

Here is a trailer about me that shows what I'm all about

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The Manar Chronicles

Our teacher tasked us with creating a movie trailer about ourselves using the I am statement. I used various I am statements with pictures attached to the statements to create my I Am movie trailer.

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iAm iMovie Trailer

We were asked to create a 'I am' movie trailer about ourselves, this is what i created.

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iAm iMovie Trailer

Mr. Goble Challenged me to create an I-Movie trailer about myself. Obviously I completed this project "flawlessly."

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I am

Get to know who I am!

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iAm iMovie Trailer assignment (Sep 10, 2020 at 10_18 AM)

We were asked to introduce ourselves through a video stating who we are. We had to use the words "I am" and then after saying I am we would put pictures to show examples of who we are.

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Texas 2x2 I am a tiger

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