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This video goes over my hobbies, my family, and my overall personal life. This was created using iMovie trailer. Done as a project in Broadcast Technology 1. Made by Jacob Begis.

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iAm Gramm

This iAm video tells the story of me, my family, and my musicianship. I used the iMovie Trailer to create this project for Broadcast Tech I.

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iAm Kalina

This video tells the story of me and my life. It includes pictures and memories of people and pets from now and the past. I used iMovie trailer to create this project for Broadcast Technology I…

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iAm Erika

This a video created by iMovie trailer, called iAm Erika. It is all about me, Erika Ackerman, and who I am as a person. This video includes pictures of my family, friends, things I enjoy doing, and…

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iAm Bryan

The video project iAm Bryan gives a few details about me and my goals for the year 2022. This is the first video that I have uploaded to This video project was made for Broadcast…

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iAm Kourtney

For my first project, I wanted to start it off by introducing myself, so I showcased what makes me, me. By using iMovie trailer, I was able to put together this great video. Hope you guys enjoy.

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ASSIGNMENT #2_ iAm iMovie Trailer (Sep 9, 2021 at 7_34 AM) (1)

I was told to create a Imovie trailer about myself for this project. I included pictures and videos of my when I was younger and older. I also added pictures of friends and family. I love to bake so…

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Abby s-z i am imovie

First video project of the year, where i took photos from my life and strung them in imovie to give them a story an i am, story while learning basic shot composition.

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Football iMovie Video Highlights

This was a fun and interesting assignment. Ladue won and kept Westminster to 0 points. Ladue won 28-0. The touchdowns being scored by Jared, Mel, and Stewart twice. This assignment was very free…

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iAm Kingsley

This is a trailer of things I like to do and or parts of my life hence the name iAm Kingsley . This was the second project in my broadcasting tech class. It was created on iMovie Trailer.

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iAm Louisa

iAm project, made in Multimedia Sports by Louisa Martin on January 26th 2021. In this project, we had to describe ourselves through short "iAm" terms. I used terms like "iAm an…

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iam movie trailer by Dylan Brosseau

Made a Imovie trailer for multimedia sports prod. class

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Iam Movie

my Iam movie trailer. This video is about me. made in Imovie

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iAm Avery Trailer

For this project we were told to gather pictures and create a movie about our life. For my video I talked about being an athlete, daughter, and a friend. This project is used to get started on…

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iAM iMovie Trailer

This trailer will show what is my life about and it shows all the parts that makes my life successful.

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iAm Emma

A video with objects, people, or things that make me who I am. I used iMovie to create this movie.

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