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The Boy Who Grew A Forest

The trees are disappearing from Jadav’s island. What does he decide to do about it? Plant a forest, of course.

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Hays High Indian Call Hype Video 2022

Hays High Indian Call Hype Week Days

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History Brief: Patriots and Loyalists

In this video, the subject of Patriots and Loyalists in the American Revolution are discussed.

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Hays High Indian Call 2021

Hays High Indian Call 2021 Royalty Video

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Anoushka Shankar – Traveller (live at Girona Festival)

Watch Anoushka Shankar perform "Traveller" live at 12th Girona Festival featuring the repertoire of her debut album on Deutsche Grammophon. "Traveller", produced by Javier…

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Ep8: Concept of Rhythm (taal and laya) in Hindustani Classical Music

These episodes aim at introducing the viewer to the aesthetics of Indian Classical Music so as to make the genre more approachable to the common public. Background Informations: Taal = a cycle of…

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1.3 French and Indian War

The colonists’ decision to draft the Declaration of Independence followed several years of conflict between the king of England and the colonists. Visit Civics360 for more.

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French and Indian War PowerPoint

French and Indian War Powerpoint

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Dry ice experiments, Indian Trail Middle School, 01.09.2020

Sixth grade science teacher Angie Mansfield uses dry ice to show students how sublimation works. Sublimation is when a solid like dry ice changes to a gas without melting.

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12 days Creekmas

Indian Creek students create the 12 days of Creekmas.

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ICHS School Store

Student Commercial for the New School Store

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Indian Creek Chronicles book trailer project

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2018 St Louis Teen Talent Competition Finalists

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Big Owl

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The Ramayana

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Saints and Strangers Part II

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