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pH Testing of River Water

This video demonstrates the process you would use to determine the pH of river water using a LaMotte kit 5858-01. pH is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen [H+] ions in a solution. Results…

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Properties of Acids and Bases - Experimentation

Warning: Superman Themed Mr. Brown does experiments to show some of the property differences between Acids and Bases. Experiments: - Litmus Paper - Metal Reactivity - Bromthymol Blue Indicator -…

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Acids Bases Notes 2

Mr. Brown discusses the pH scale and pH indicators.

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2. Cycles in Ecosystems

Importance of the Water Cycle and the Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Cycle in Ecosystems; Demo with Bromothymol Blue as an indicator of Carbon Dioxide; Explanation of Explorelearning Gizmo: Plants and Snails

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BioRad Photosynthesis and Respiration Lab

A few Reminders and hints about our Algae Bead Lab

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Cabbage Indicator

Make a cabbage juice indicator to tell if substances are acidic or basic!

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