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Brave New World | Chapter 4, Part 1 Summary & Analysis | Aldous Huxley

This 27 video study guide about Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World provides chapter summaries and analyses for students. These videos will help students cite strong textual evidence to support…

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Graded Checkpoint Expectations Video

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pH Testing of River Water

This video demonstrates the process you would use to determine the pH of river water using a LaMotte kit 5858-01. pH is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen [H+] ions in a solution. Results…

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Properties of Acids and Bases - Experimentation

Warning: Superman Themed Mr. Brown does experiments to show some of the property differences between Acids and Bases. Experiments: - Litmus Paper - Metal Reactivity - Bromthymol Blue Indicator -…

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Acids Bases Notes 2

Mr. Brown discusses the pH scale and pH indicators.

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8.Lesson Recap

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7.Add a powerup indicator

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Tuesday April 28 Part 2

Chs. 45-46

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2. Cycles in Ecosystems

Importance of the Water Cycle and the Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Cycle in Ecosystems; Demo with Bromothymol Blue as an indicator of Carbon Dioxide; Explanation of Explorelearning Gizmo: Plants and Snails

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BioRad Photosynthesis and Respiration Lab

A few Reminders and hints about our Algae Bead Lab

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Cabbage Indicator

Make a cabbage juice indicator to tell if substances are acidic or basic!

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20ABC Sustainability, Economics, and Equity

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2011 Chesapeake Bay Report Card

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