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The Antonym Song | Learn through music and rap with MC Grammar

For more info, check out: Play this song and rap along to learn all about antonyms. You will discover what an…

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Parker Elementary Lunar New Year Celebration - Parker Elementary 2022

Students from different grades performed in honor of Lunar New Year including the traditional Lion Dance.

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Weltig Open House 2021

Open House Introduction Video. Allen Weltig- Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Contemporary Issues and Research/Scientific Investigations and Inquiry

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Pre-Algebra Class 4/28/21

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Exploring Strategies for Analyzing PrimarySources

Primary sources allow students to interact with history through a critical inquiry lens. This session offers tips and tricks to help make primary sources a primary focus of your instruction.

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Introducing Inquiry in the Elementary Classroom: Equipping Young Student Historians!

Excite students by interacting with age-appropriate primary sources to grow a culture of inquiry. Create a thinking classroom where students work as junior historians by modeling a “historical…

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Football All gas, no brakes!

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Intro to Polynomials

Intro to Polynomials

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What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

This video explains the teaching methodology Inquiry-Based Learning. It was created for the Inspiring Science Education Project as part of a series of videos to promote the use of Inquiry-Based…

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First Day of Virtual Kindergarten

For my school, I meet with the students whole group for 1 hour live. I need to record this meeting for those that can not attend. Then I would meet with small groups after this meeting. I had a…

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How to structure an Inquiry Based Lesson

A video showing the different parts of an inquiry lesson.

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Insight on Inquiry: Starting the Year in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher Carol Stephenson brings us inside her classroom to share how she fosters inquiry-based learning at the very beginning of the school year. Carol teaches at the Dr. Eric Jackman…

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Inquiry in kindergarten: Amanda Baldwin at TEDxRockyViewSchoolsED

Amanda Baldwin is an elementary school teacher with Rocky View Schools. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a…

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Inquiry Stations - Social Studies and ELA

Inquiry stations allow students to analyze documents in differentiated groups. For more information, visit GeorgiaStandards.Org: …

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How to structure an Inquiry Based Lesson

A video showing the different parts of an inquiry lesson.

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