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A girl's unbreakable bond with her pet duck grows deeper every day

Ever since Kylie Brown's parents brought home a duck named Snowflake, the two formed a close bond. Now, the two go everywhere together. Steve Hartman has their story on the road. Subscribe to…

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Look Who's Talking: Crash Course Kids #27.2

In this video, students will learn a whole lot more about plants and how we learn these things through investigation and experimentation. This playlist of 13 videos from Crash Course Kids is all…

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Measurement Mystery: Crash Course Kids #9.2

In this video, students will learn practical uses of identifying the properties of an object. This playlist of 16 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about physical science and the properties of…

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Lesson 1, Day 3

Chemical Engineering Unit from Open Up Sci Ed

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Julia Greeley


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Live session week 10: 10/20/2020

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Virtual Inspiration board assignment

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SI timeline and grading expectations

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Sample Portfolio videos

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What is sustained investigation_

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AP_Portfolio Mini_Investigations

Instructions and presentation for mini-investigation project

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Welcome to AP_Portfolio

Course description and expectations for AP/Portfolio 3D art

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The Nature of Science and The Scientific Method

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Inquiry Movie

The Inquiry process

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Chapter 8-6

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