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Animal Farm | Chapter 6 Summary and Analysis | George Orwell

In this playlist of 19 videos, George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is summarized and analyzed chapter by chapter with additional discussions at the end. Over the course of these short videos…

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Morning Meeting 6-4-20

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In preparation for Thursday's test, I want you to get familiar with Sociology and Religion's next subject: Zoroastrianism.

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spelling 5.27

5th Grade

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Our Digital Selves Official Teaser #4

[*** full feature film is here ***] Guided by principal investigators Tom Boellstorff and Donna ZImmerman Davis, the Ethnographia group is examining…

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Michel Haase

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Souls roam

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My Production of Kaila

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Birthdays for 2-11-15

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No Phone PSA

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Michael Jordan

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Madysen Fine

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Siicccckkkkk Geyser

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stop motion video yalisette ramirez, lyanah stafford

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Campaign Video-Kylie Baugh

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