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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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How to make LEGO Stop-motion with a Smartphone (iOS or Android!)

Interested in stop-motion animation but don't know where to begin? This tutorial is for you! Whether or not you are using LEGO, you can learn to use an iPhone to make a stop-motion animation. …

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The original Icehotel and how it went down

In the late 1970s, Yngve Bergqvist moved up north to Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, because he wanted to prolong his skiing season. Little did he know that some decades later, he would have put the village…

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Kindergarten, Life Science, Lesson 12

Snail, worm and isopod races. How animals move.

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TK, Life Science, Lesson 4

What do animals need to live?

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Fourth Grade, Life Science, Lesson 2

Mealworm observations, Isopods in different environmental conditions

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TK, Life Science, Lesson 3

Comparing pillbug and sowbugs.

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TK, Life Science, Lesson 2


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Osmotic Potential in Potatoes Lab - Google Slides.mp4

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Shutter Priority Mode

Learn to control the shutter speed on your camera to affect how motion is captured.

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Hace Sol // It's Sunny

Una de nuestras canciones del tiempo // One of our weather songs

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Ciclo de vida de la mariposa - Parte 2

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This covers Creating Isometric drawings

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OSI Model Explained

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Basic Video Shooting - Button Basics

An overview of the various buttons, controls, dials and knobs you will encounter on either a fixed lens or a interchangeable lens camera.

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