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Nonfiction book review about Lobsters, from an English Learner.

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How to Spanish characters_ES

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Getting Back to School Online CHJH 2020-2021 Chinese Version

Helpful information on getting back to school in 2020-2021 online. Brought to you by Mr. Finkbiner and our Renaissance class. (Chinese Version)

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5.15.20 Mini lección de matemáticas

Hoy aprenderemos cómo ordenar números de menor a mayor.

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Skippyjon Jones

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Creando nuevas figuras

Repasaremos las figuras 2D y crearemos figuras nuevas juntando 2 o más polígonos.

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Entrevista or interview questions

This Screen recording is reading some interview questions using who, what, when, where, why and how in Spanish.

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Part 9: Electroluminescent Lamps

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Common Core Web Page Navigation Video

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