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MRTV Show 10-10

October 10th Show

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ALTV News | 11.8

3-15-22 | Addiction to social media. The perfect school. Can you spell the name of our school? A day in the life of Daisy the dog. Anchors: Jaicee and Gracelyn

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May4,2022-SMS Morning Announcements

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SJHS News 4.14.22


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Judges 12 - Jephthah’s conflict with Ephraim


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Nonfiction book review about Lobsters, from an English Learner.

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El maíz_ del campo a la mesa.mp4

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Matisse Inspired Nametags

Let’s create nametags inspired by Henri Matisse and his paper cutout method

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The Principal’s new clothes

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David va a la escuela

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Unit 7 Day 6b

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A Fun Song with Tootsie

What color are you today?

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Reader's WS- retelling

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Thursday 4/9: Lesson 88 Dividing a shape into fourths

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ERI -- Giraffe and Toucan Group 4/1/20

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