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Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Two teams go against each other. Always look up where you're going!

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WCMS News 4-12

WCMS News 4-12

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How Jackie Robinson Saved the World

Mrs. Grennan's Upper Montessori students perform the Readers Theater Play, how Jackie Robinson Saved the World.

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Musical Math Facts - Kids In Motion - WSKG

In this 2nd through 5th grade video, students make learning math fun! The teacher holds up a card with a math problem and exercise. The student must solve the problem and perform the designated…

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Would You Rather? New Year Resolutions - Brain Break - PE Warmup - Home Workout - Instant Activity

Would you rather..?? It's time to keep it moving with this BRAIN BREAK. Brain Breaks are short videos that can be used as classroom breaks, transition movement activities, physical education…

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Teachable Moments Week 8

T. Daisy's Tips, Tricks, and Reminders to stay Healthy, Happy, and Move Your Body

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Toss to paper or towel

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Lesson 10 Dance - Middle School

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Lesson 10 Dance - Intermediate

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Roc & Roe 12 Days

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Carpenter Workout 5th Grade

Coach Marty's Carpenter warmup!

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December Fitness 2

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November Fitness 2

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Disney II Magnet High School: Morning Announcements-9.14.20

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Fitness/toss to towel PK-K (Week of 9.14.20)

Materials needed: a bath towel, a sock or paper ball, 3 objects for markers on floor. Students will follow the exercises to music and then do the tossing to target activity.

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How to do Jumping Jacks - Fitness for kids, by kids! Kid Fit GO!

This is how you do jumping jacks! #KidFitGO #KidExplorer

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