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Interview an Expert

This was our final project in our Broadcast Technology Class. We had to find someone we thought was an expert and use out interview skills we learned to make a good interview about them. I…

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I Lost My Phone 6 Shot 6 word Story

For this project we had to make up a story only using 6 shots and only 6 words. We had freedom to pick whatever story we wanted. I created a 30 second story about a kid who lost his phone! This was a…

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Thank You Horn

This is a thank you video I made and sent to one of my teachers. It is a very hard and strange time right now and everyone needs to know that people appreciate them and what they do for us.

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Shooting Gallery

This project is called Shooting Gallery. We had a total of 19 different shots we had to film. Out of those 19 shots we got we had to pick 10 and edit and put into imovie.

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5 Shot Sequence

5 shot sequence. This shows the same clip from 5 different shots and angled for my Broadcast Tech class.

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iAm Joelle Trailer

iAm Movie Trailer with pictures and videos describing my life. I made this in class so Mr. Goble could get to know me better as a person.

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