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Student Broadcast 9-16-22

Student Broadcast 9-16-22

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VikingVisionNews 12-23-2021 #642

Happy Holidays from Viking Vision News, as seniors Grace Ahne and Lily Hauer bring cheer and good tidings your way with last minute shopping ideas and charitable results from the generous people of…

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Homecoming Red Carpet 2021

Senior Elliot Wright gets the inside scoop on the homecoming 'fits.

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Lexi Rodenbaugh Final Speech

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MS74 Charity Club Minecraft Challenge Event - May 11, 2021

THE PRIZES ARE: $50, $30, and a $20 gift card to GameStop. If you want to attend the event: If you need to download Minecraft Education Edition: …

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The Giver: Chapters 3 & 4

Read Aloud for ELA 2

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Montgomery: Bienvenidos al Apredizaje a Distancia SPANISH

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Giver 5.5 Final Discussion

Sameness was encouraged. Do you agree that we should all try to be more alike? Do you think the world would be better if we tried to fit in? There are many lessons to be learned in this book. Choose…

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The Giver Review Chap. 9-15

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Imagery Details - video power point

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RT Wrap: Special Edition_4.24.20

Reporters from The Round Table, Middletown High School's student news media, provide an update on what's happening at MHS and the surrounding community, and a wrap up of the news from the…

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The Giver Chap. 1 - 3 Summary

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Jonah's Extreme Ab. Workout 1.mp4

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Super Summarizer Directions.mp4

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5th Grade, Friday, March 20

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5th Grade Technology Week of 3/16

We unfortunately had to cancel STEM week since we aren't at school, but we can still work on the challenge we were going to do throughout all of the elementary this week: build some paper…

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