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Vatican Observatory Astronomers Receive Awards for Catholic Church & Science | EWTN News Nightly

Three astronomers with the Vatican Observatory have received awards for work that brings broader perspective to the subject of the Catholic Church and science. One of the astronomers is Professor…

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Character in Biblical Narrative

Most of us think of characters in the Bible as either sinners or saints, good or bad. At least that’s how Bible stories are presented to children. In this video, we’ll explore the ways…

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Plot in Biblical Narrative

An important part of reading biblical narratives is learning how to understand the nature of "the plot," how stories are arranged into a pattern of conflict and resolution. In this video…

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Lesson 4 Session 4

Practice drawing and using graphs.

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Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature

Episode 4 explores the unique literary style of the Bible that is meant to draw its readers into a lifelong journey of reading and meditation. The Bible is designed as a multi-layered work, offering…

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Literary Styles in the Bible

Episode 3 shows how reading the Bible wisely requires that we learn about the ancient literary styles used by the biblical authors. These writers expressed their ideas and claims through a variety of…

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The Story of the Bible

This video summarizes the overall story of the Bible as a series of crossroad decisions. All humanity, followed by the Israelites, redefine good and evil and end up in Babylon. They are followed by…

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Friday morning announcements

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Sports Scoop

Weekly sports program for Smithson Valley High School.

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2 Ways to focus with ADHD

For more info, check out: For more info on Polly Bath, go to: Getting and keeping the attention of…

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Sports scoop

Weekly sports program for Smithson Valley High School featuring interview with senior varsity soccer player Brad Dildy.

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Alg 2B Ch. 5 math proficiency

Properties of Exponents

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12/15/2021 Facilitator Orientation

Session to train facilitators for Onboarding of Cohort 4 of the MD ES CS Coaches program

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Add & Subtract Fractions Journal Notes

adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.

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Summer ESY Video

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QSI AIS Announcements June 7-11

QSI AIS Announcements June 7-11 Elementary Field Day is June 09 Graduation Rehearsal June 11 Graduation June 12

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