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JAMES FORTEN Journeys Read Aloud 5th Grade Lesson 14

Listen along as elementary teacher Mrs. Morris does an engaging read of "James Forten” from the Journey's series, fifth grade lesson 14. Also great for students to study with at…

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Who Captured the Enslaved in Africa

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The story of Guru Nanak Religious Studies - Stories for Collective Worship

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D2 Drama 2020

Day 2 drama 2020

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Second Grade Journeys' Lesson 12 VOCABULARY REVIEW SENTENCES for Ah, Music!

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SchoolTube Channel Uses for Journalism & Media Teachers

SchoolTube Channels are a great tool for all teachers to easily organize and share their own lesson videos and all of their student created videos in their own video channel for easy reference. Watch…

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1/5 Class Session

1/5 Class Session

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Jumpstart 1st Grade - Friend song HD

A song from Jumpstart 1st grade Mp3 can be downloaded free from:

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19-20 6th Grade Memories Slideshow

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character chart

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How to Access Trade Books and Magazine

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Compare and contrast

students compare and contrast chicken little and little rabbits tale

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How to Access Trade Books and Magazine

5th Grade

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WCMS Invisible Chair

WCMS Invisible Chair - Mindful Mondays

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