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On the Road: Ohio boy pays it forward with found fortune

As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets an 8-year-old boy who found $20 in a parking lot and was thinking of spending it on a new video game. That changed when…

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Faith Holden Final Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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On the Road: Middle school football players execute life-changing play

As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets the Olivet Eagles, a middle school football team who took a fledgling player under their wing and executed what may be…

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Ted Simmons Interview

stl summer stories

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This Guy Is Just in High School

This young saxophonist, Brandon Suarez, is very impressive. A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A high school concert band is…

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Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

Life can be tough. It’s important to always take time to remember the things that make life awesome. This is just the start of a list. It’s only 25 things. Obviously, there are more! What…

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Student Broadcast 11-4-22

Student Broadcast 11-4-22

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Hannah Neal Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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Smooth Soccer Skills

Check out these kicking skills. (Via theunitedfutsal) SchoolTube Sports and Egaming videos feature a wide variety of students, teachers, and publishing professionals sharing their school related…

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CCMS Reports Oct. 27

Say No to Drugs Commercial, Choir Concert tonight.

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14-Year-Old Makes $2.2 Million Running Her Own Candy Empire

Alina Morse, 14, is the CEO of her own sweets empire, Zolli Candy, which makes treats that are actually good for your teeth. Zolli Candy, headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan, is sold in…

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Mechanical Systems and Piping

Mechanical Systems and Piping

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REMOTE REPORTERS: - Read-A-Thon - Book Fair - Unity Day with Bikers Against Bullies - Mrs. Anthony's 3rd Grade AMES Math Market

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GOAT Is Beyond Funny And Cute - Funny Goat Videos

These are funny goat videos. You will see funny goats, goat fainting, goats screaming, and other goats making other sounds. Enjoy! Pets as defined by Encylopedia Britannica are animals kept by human…

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Troy VS Bullies

From Episode 7 "Who's Cryin' Now?" Troy takes on some hapless bullies who target him for some reason or another. Although one of my favorite forms of entertainment, movies do…

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