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car crash analysis

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Unit 5 Average Kinetic Energy and Root Mean Velocity

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AP Physics C: Rotational vs. Linear Review (Mechanics)

Calculus based review and comparison of the linear and rotational equations which are in the AP Physics C mechanics curriculum. Topics include: displacement, velocity, acceleration, uniformly…

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AP Physics C: Rotational Dynamics Review - 1 of 2 (Mechanics)

Calculus based review of moment of inertia for a system of particles and a rigid object with shape, the derivation of rotational kinetic energy, derivations of the following moments of inertia:…

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AP Physics C: Work, Energy, and Power Review (Mechanics)

Calculus based review of work done by constant and non-constant forces, Hooke’s Law, Work and Energy equations in isolated and non-isolated systems, kinetic energy, gravitational potential…

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our science project

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AP Physics 1: Rotational Dynamics Review

Review of the Rotational Dynamics topics covered in the AP Physics 1 curriculum.Want Lecture Notes? Content Times:0:14 Torque1:30…

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Kinetic Energy

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Kinetic and Potential Energy

We know that energy can change forms, so let's learn about the relationship between kinetic energy and potential energy.

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Kinetic Energy

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The impact of increased potential energy on kinetic energy

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KEV Fall 2009

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Kinetic & Potential Energy

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Spool Racer vs. Clothespin Wrestler

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Energy Transformations and ATP

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KEV Fall 2009

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