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Interview an expert

For our last project we were supposed to interview an expert on anything. So I chose to interview my mom on her job as a lawyer.

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Six Word Story

For this assignment we had to come up with a six word story and then six shots on how we interpreted our six word story. My words as seen in the video are "Books. Used to Escape the…

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Thank you card

For a final project before spring break we made a digital thank you card. Which is just as it sounds, it's a video we recorded of our selves thanking one of our teachers for all they have done…

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Shooting Gallery Editing

In broadcast tech one of the projects we do is shooting all sorts of shots that are found in movies. Or the shooting gallery project. In this project we had to record the 18 shots that are commonly…

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5 Shot-Sequence

This is a edited compilation of the 5 camera shots. These shots were originally 10 seconds long but trimmed down to the best 4 seconds. I also was required to add a title slide and accompanying…

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