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North Quincy High School Graduation 2022

Watch the full graduation ceremony and Congratulations to North Quincy High's graduating class of 2022.

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nhPoison Ivy - All Powers & Abilities Scenes (DCAMU)

All rights to Warner Bros & DC Comics i do not own anything Voiced by - Alyssa Milano (Young Justice) Peyton List (Batman Hush) *ignore* poison ivy and harley…

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Old MacDonald Had A Woodshop Read Aloud

Old MacDonald Had A Woodshop Read Aloud

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Most views for an animal on YouTube. Guinness World Record

YouTube's most-watched animal is Maru (, a male Scottish fold cat whose videos had been watched a total of 325,704,506 times as of 22 September 2016. The media monitor…

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Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins.mp4

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Reading Kit Review

Use these fun items to help you practice your reading the week of June 1-5! Send me pics of what you are reading!

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WW Unit 4 Session 12 Writers Show Not Tell

Writers use the strategy of Show Not Tell to add tiny details to their stories.

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Google Meet - May 19

I read "Poor Puppy"

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This or That Stuffed Animal Edition K-2

Follow along to this weeks video. Try your best and have fun! Pause the video if you need to take a break!

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Science - Monday May 4 th Milk - Ms. Ronda

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Sleepy Dog, Wake Up!

"Sleepy Dog, Wake Up!" by Harriet Ziefert

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Calendar 4:23:20

Calendar and morning meeting activities

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Kat Kong

Round #1 Of our Book Tournament.

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Mrs. Cross Has Cat Trouble!

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