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Excellence in Education - September 2022

The Ladue School District honors Maritza Sloan, Spanish Teacher at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, as the Excellence in Education award winner for September 2022.

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iAm Amelia

I cover the many dogs and chickens I have had over the years. I used iMovie trailer for the production of this project in my Broadcast Technology class.

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iAm Daliah, The Magical Journey

This iAm video presents a story of me on my magical journey through life. It includes acrobatics, traveling, and family. I used iMovie Trailer to create this project for Broadcast Technology I class.

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iAm Amelia Goldwasser

This iAm video shows some facts about me and some other self-deprecating jokes. I used iMovie Trailer to create this project for my Broadcast Tech class.

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This video goes over my hobbies, my family, and my overall personal life. This was created using iMovie trailer. Done as a project in Broadcast Technology 1. Made by Jacob Begis.

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iAm Gramm

This iAm video tells the story of me, my family, and my musicianship. I used the iMovie Trailer to create this project for Broadcast Tech I.

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Dog - Jon Lewis

This video tells the story of my dog through his life. I used iMovie trailer to create this video for Broadcast Technology 1 Class.

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Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. Two Broadcast Technology teams take part in a life or death reality TV battle to win challenges and be the chosen the victor of the best final video for the semester.…

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Teapot Exhibit at Ladue High School's Art Gallery

Junior Jack Reeves produced this fantastic interview with the Ladue Ceramic’s teacher, Jonathan Robbins. Mr. Robbins spoke about a unique Ladue Art Gallery teapot project, which invited schools…

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Spark Inspiration

Sanjit Subhash sparks inspiration as he says goodbye to a school that has meant so much to all of us.

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Partnership Program PSA 2022

Ladue Horton Watkins High School and Gateway STEM High School partnered with "5 On Your Side," the local NBC affiliate, to create a PSA about resilience. (2022)

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Ladue View: The Senior Send Off

The senior class of 2022 says farewell in this inspiring, funny, and emotional show. This month's episode: Shares stories of identity and what it means to connect to your culture. Covers all…

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Dejett's glasses (The final episode)

Jett and Dejett travel back to the past to save Dejett's past self from losing his glasses, with some twists and mishaps along the way.

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Ladue View: No Day Like Today

In the January 2022 Ladue View show, we introduced a new variety show format to our program. In this edition, we will showcase a few of these ideas for Ladue View: No Day Like Today. The 4 segments…

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Carsons five shot video

I myself put together this video about five videography shot's captured last week. I captured these shots in my schools video room with the high tech cameras and the amazing green screen some…

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What it's like being a high school broadcast student TikTok

Student producer Austin Coburn produced this TikTok video going behind the scenes to show what it's like to be a Broadcast Technology student at Ladue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis, MO.

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